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Mar 1, 2018

Cinema on the Wales of Cannes

Always concerned to improve the quality of life of the Cannes and to work for the beautification of the districts, the city of Cannes has been committed since 2002 in a vast program of realization of murals frescos, to be discovered at the bend of a street Or an avenue.

The Piano Lesson and Pulp Fiction: Alexander Bridge III, two large films at the Cannes Film Festival, Pulp Fiction by Quentin Torentino in 1993 and Jane Campion's piano lesson in 1994, are illustrated on 200 m2.
Plein Soleil: Avenue Francis Tonner,  the most iconic French actors exposed in Full sun. Alain Delon will lead his boat in front of the camera of Renè Clèment.
The 7 th Art: on the Pont Carnot, the entrance to a neighborhood cinema room.
One hundred years of cinema: Cornut-Gentille Square, Tarzan and Jane, Yves Montant, Francois Truffaut, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jean Gabin, Jack Nicholson, Robert Redfort ... no less than 32 movie characters populate this mega fresco So much detail that it took 150 days to realize it.
Cannes Movie Car Museum: at the parking Berthelot, legendary Car on film. The carts of Bonnie and Clyde, Mad Max, Batman or Starky and Hutch ...
The other side of the scenery: Rue des Suisses fresco which marks the entrance of the Suquet, vibrant tribute behind the scenes of an industry that fascinates in a retro atmosphere. Wink to the shadow trades that also make the success of films.
Charlie Chaplin, Boulevard Vallombrosa; Charlot the eternal vagabond and the Kid, two tender looks of children, the great and the small, captured on the film of our memories.
Hotel de la Plage: Place du Suquet, Jacques Tati, our favorite Uncle leaves the hotel or Mr. Hulot spends his holidays.
Buster Keaton: Boulevard Victor Tuby, Buster Keaton the comic that never laughed, filmed the cameraman impassively while triggering disasters adjusted to the second. The first genius of the visual gag was also a poet of everyday life transforming the most innocuous objects into a source of gag.
Gérard Philippe, Boulevard Victor Tuby,  Gérard Philippe at the top of his glory too suddenly interrupted in the Fanfan the Tulipe by Christian-Jaque in 1952. Born in Cannes Gérard Philippe remains one of the most popular French comedians.
Harold Lloyd: Louis Braille Street, Harold Lloyd, one of the greatest comedians of silent cinema, author of all his stunts ente to stop time, he will probably not succeed, but posterity has given him 'He might have sought: immortality in the minds of all those whom he made laugh.
Marilyn Monroe: BEST WESTERN PLUS CANNES RIVIERA & SPA, The immortal goddess of cinema, Marilyn Monroe, shines with all her beauty. Cannes did not need Seven years of reflection to integrate it into its walls homages, its place was reserved.