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Discover our Marilyn wellness spa in Cannes

Wellness and beauty centre

Open seven days a week to all visitors from 10 am to 7 pm, the Marilyn spa at the Best Western Plus Cannes Riviera Hotel is a true haven of well-being with a range of high-performance equipment and bespoke beauty treatments in partnership with renowned brands Carita and Decléor.

For a unique multi-sensory experience, discover our facial and body spa treatments.

Discover the Spa Menu

Decléor and Carita beauty salon

Decléor aromatic treatments are designed to produce a singular experience, a sensation and a unique emotion in the skilled hands of our aromatherapy experts.

Also check out our range of bespoke facial treatments, which will cleanse your skin of any impurities with all the delicacy of a caress.

To guarantee constant care and attention, our facial care treatments are accompanied by a back sculpting massage.

Our wellness therapists will also offer a range of massages and aromatherapy massages that will draw all the tension from your body, leave you feeling intensely relaxed and restore the balance between your mind and body.

For the last 40 years, the Decléor brand has been pioneering innovative aromatherapy treatments to allow customers to reap the advantages of its unique and beneficial expertise.

Also discover the Carita legend by experiencing the expertise and knowledge of the brand's "artisans of beauty". Carita is a unique method driven by over 70 years' expertise. The brand offers the combined effect of high-performance treatments and products for both the body and face.

We have a range of facial care treatments to suit all skin types, with two versions available:
- Mythical (60-minute treatment)
- Supreme (75 to 105-minute treatment)

The "Satin Skin" body treatment restores your skin's softness and procures a radiant glow.

For an extended experience, the spa offers a wide variety of high-end cosmetics and hair care products.

You will also discover our special hand care, foot care and waxing area.

Steam room, sauna, Tonic bath and multi-sensory shower

Go for a dry heat experience in our sauna. Synonymous with sharing and well-being, saunas are recommended for relieving stress, unwinding and relaxing.

The high temperature eliminates toxins and cleanses the skin.
We would advise you to continue your wellness programme with a warm shower to stimulate the blood flow.
The steam room produces moist heat and just as many benefits as a sauna.
With a temperature of approximately 50°C and a 100% humidity rate, the steam room provides an incredible sensation of softness.
The steam relaxes the skin and helps remove dead skin cells.
Exfoliation is recommended at the end of the session, followed by a warm or cold shower and a massage with essential oils.

Then let your mind drift away beneath the multi-sensory shower. Through the different programmes and the ever changing colours, sway to the rhythm of nature's various expressions.

The shower provides a myriad of sensations and produces the best of what nature has to offer, putting you back in touch with your body and awakening long-forgotten feelings.

With the tropical mist setting, the water does not so much touch as caress the skin. 

The play of lights and subtle fragrances combine with the hot, warm or cold water to elicit a unique sensation.

Spa Club

Club advantages

Become a member of the Spa Club and enjoy a range of advantages, comforts and preferential conditions :

- A DECLEOR travel kit to wish you a warm welcome.

Permanent access to the spa and fitness area.

Access to the hotel pool.

15% discount on the full treatment list.

One night's accommodation in a double room with a breakfast buffet included at the Best Western Cannes Riviera (by reservation only and subject to availability).

Five invitations to come and discover the spa.

A half-day's cocooning, including :

  • A CARITA facial beauty treatment
  • A fruit seed body scrub
  • A LOMI LOMI Hawaiian massage
  • A choice of either a CARITA foot or hand treatment

- Exclusive preview of new products

- Invitations to CARITA - DECLEOR events

Spa Club card :

Solo : €660 / year
Duo : €990 / year