Forville market Oldest hall in Cannes

The ideal place to do your shopping in Cannes: here the restaurant chefs get their supplies. Local fishermen sell their catch overnight. The scent of herbs: thyme, verbena, basil float in the air. Market gardeners extol the merits of their local products: tomatoes, olive oils… A detour to Forville market is a discovery of the country of Provence, a gourmet journey with accents from South. It is an essential place of life in Cannes where all the regulars meet there. Go there at the end of the morning in one of the many bars around the market for an aperitif.

Open from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., except Monday.

The Vallauri winery

This is the Cannes meeting place . We find ourselves with pleasure sipping a glass of wine at aperitif time, on the terrace when the weather is nice, between the wooden crates in winter… We select our bottle and we serve you at the table with a snack plate (cold meats, cheese, terrine ...). The welcome from the boss and his team is most charming. It is also and above all a wine cellar.

Forville Market


Gourmet table at Forville Market , from the entrance the menu announces the color with a carpaccio of Galician beef. Originally from Milan, chef Riccardo Cuccurullo cooks exceptional meat from Galicia and Ireland from the best suppliers with good humor and assertive technique. You can only praise his tomahawk from Galicia, matured for 60 days, seared and crisp after being grilled in an electric oven at a temperature of over 1000 degrees, it is left to stand for more than a quarter of an hour in order to be delicious tender to the palate.

5 rue du Docteur Gazagnaire, Cannes


Fully homemade cuisine! Bistro Saint-Sauveur

Claude Sutter is worth the trip, located in old Cannet his fully homemade bistro cuisine is tasted with happiness. From grilled sausage to banana shortbread tart. The funds are simmering , the meats are searing, and our appetites are vibrating. The hardest part is choosing! If you are lucky enough to taste its homemade béarnaise sauce, you will smell all the authentic flavors of an outstanding saucer as well as the taste of fresh tarragon, which is rare. The wine list is at the level of its cuisine, everything is to be discovered at the Bistrot Saint-Sauveur.

87, rue Saint-Sauveur, Le Cannet

Contemporary bistro The Affable

Chef Jean-Paul Battaglia performs prowess. On the menu, there are dishes between tradition and creation according to the market. A word of advice: don't leave without tasting the Grand-Marnier soufflé, the house's headliner! Without doubt the best quality / price of Cannes.

5 rue La Fontaine, Cannes