Sauna, steam room, fitness room

During your stay at the Best Western Plus Cannes Riviera Hotel & Spa, give yourself a time for you and your body. Our establishment has a real spa with sauna, steam room and multisensory shower. Eliminate stress and toxins, purify your skin, relax ... To forget the hassle of your work day, or simply to make your vacation even more wonderful, our spa and wellness area will be the perfect ally. For the more athletic, a gym is available.

Instant well-being Hammam and sauna

The Marilyn Spa has a sauna and steam room open 7 days a week. We strongly recommend that you start with a dry heat bath in the sauna. The high temperature will initially eliminate toxins and cleanse your skin. After a warm shower, take a seat in the steam room, a damp heat bath that causes a feeling of softness. An exfoliation is then recommended, followed by a massage with essential oils.

Escape The multisensory shower

After a relaxing session in our sauna and then our steam room, amplify this feeling of well-being by taking a seat in the multisensory shower of our Marilyn spa. The colors scroll gently, the soft noises of nature fill the space, and the water caresses your skin like a tropical mist. Your body then finds a flood of sensations perhaps forgotten.